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Kiwi Berry Organics Co. is the world's only certified organic breeder, grower, packer and marketer of fresh fruit kiwi berries.

Our fruit was first marketed under the name "Kiwi Berries" twenty years ago, and when the name was adopted by producers in the US and New Zealand growing conventional fruit, we established the Kiwi Berry Organics Co. brand name and new labeling in 2006 to distinguish our organically grown fruit and alleviate any consumer confusion

We control all aspects of the operation which entails our choice of hardy kiwi variety, customized trellising, land management systems, and pre and post harvest handling practices and protocols.  We also coordinate promotion, sales, and logistics to distributors, upscale grocers, and co-operatives. 

We grow kiwi berries because it’s our passion, and we do this organically so they are safe to eat. What does "organics" do for hardy kiwi?  When you compare "average" Brix readings, our organic fruit measures a 24.9 and conventionally grown kiwi measures a 14.7.  Learn more about Brix on the Nutrition page.

We have produced the world’s sweetest, Hi-Brix (sugar level) reading of any kiwi (actinidia genus) documented internationally.  Testing was conducted by the Penn State University Department of Horticulture Foolad Labs, University Park, PA in 2009.

Our Kiwi Berries are grown on our modified T-bar trellis system where they receive maximum sunshine.  Fruit exposed to the sun contains higher sugar levels (Brix), which provides optimized flavors, and greater nutrient benefits including today's sought after antioxidants.  Only the best quality fruit, produced on the shoulders of the vine, that are exposed to and blushed by the sun are harvested and packaged.

Select berries are hand picked at the peak of maturity allowing the fruit to assimilate the natural sugars from the vine. Our fruit is packaged to ripen uniformly providing the consumer with a consistent product, and they are identified by "branded name" Passion Poppers and Aloha Annas, as each variety has its own individual color, size, shape, and tropical flavor.  We believe that the consumer should have the opportunity to choose what they prefer.

Flavor values, sugar levels, nutritional benefits, and the variety choice of our gourmet fruit has built consumer satisfaction & demand. We have sold out every year for the past eleven years and the Passion Popper crop is always sold before it is harvested.  We consider this a win-win relationship with our vendors - we sell out and they sell out. The consistency of our pack-out, and a fourteen day shelf life are guaranteed.

Our berries are sold for the same price, or slightly above, those conventionally grown.  We invest three times the labor to bring you our professionally grown organic fruit, and pride ourselves on quality over quantity.   

Please see our "Packaging & Distribution" page for more specific information about type of packaging, availability dates, and our Organic Certification.

We would like to thank our repeat clientele who have allowed us to become the only family farm making a sustainable living propagating and cultivating hardy kiwi fruit.


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