Our Kiwi Berries are in PA Schools this season!


Chef Bill & Karen Scepansky, owners of Smart Partners, work with Schools across PA, NJ, and MD some of which are participating in the USDA FFVP (Fresh Fruit & Vegetable Program).

Their aim is to improve healthier eating in schools by sourcing colorful fresh fruits and vegetables and teaching the children about the health benefits and nutrition these provide.

This year they distributed our Passion Poppers and Aloha Annas to seventy (70) Schools in PA.

We enjoyed working with Chef Bill and Karen to provide our nutritious Kiwi Berries to the kids!
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We are on the Cover of Country Folks Grower Newspaper

That's Dave on the tractor...

When PA-WAgN visited the farm for a Field Day, one of the group turned out to be a reporter by the name of Sally Colby.  She has written an informative, educational article entitled "It's All About Flavor" that has appeared in the August issue of Country Folks Gower.  The publication is a monthly agriculture newspaper highlighting the many facets of the national fruit & vegetable market Read the Article



Breeding Program Yields New Highs


A new variety KK266, created at Kiwi Korners Farm is showing solid commercial potential in test trials. The Brix (sugar readings) have soared into the high 30 degree range, the fruit promises to have a strong consumer appeal, and longer shelf life.


How does this compare to other kiwi?  Store bought brown fuzzy kiwi (a. deliciosa) reaches a 12 to 13 Brix.




We have come to the realization this season that we have enough vines in the ground to make a good sustainable living, and that we are running out of test trial space.  So, we made the choice to continue our evolution by sharing our breeding program germplasm with two individuals who are extremely passionate about developing new hardy kiwi varieties.

An agreement has been made to share material to conduct test trials of hardy kiwi for commercial use in the US with Iago Hale at the University of New Hampshire and Bob Guthrie at the University of Minnesota.  Each has received the absolute best of our germplasm available and test trials have begun.

Promising varieties will be patented with a non-licensing agreement and available to US growers.


New -  Value Added Products


Hermit Woods Winery in Meredith, New Hampshire have made an exceptional  2014 kiwi wine! They received a Bronze medal for their 2013 kiwi vintage at the Big E Wine Competition in Massachusetts. Congrats to Ken, Bob and the crew at Hermit Woods!

We have just packed up 2015 Kiwi Berries for Hermit Woods so there is a 2016 vintage on the way. Visit their website at



Farm Aid





We partnered with GrowNYC Youth Market  to include our Kiwi Berry Organics Passion Poppers at their stand at the 2012 Farm Aid Concert held at the Hershey Park Stadium in Hershey, PA.

Farm Aid’s mission is to build a vibrant, family farm-centered system of agriculture in America.  Learn more about their work at

GrowNYC, is a hands-on non-profit which improves New York City's quality of life through environmental programs - greenmarkets, gardens, recycling, and teaching.  Read about their programs at




It was an awesome experience to attend the event, and we were proud to donate half of the kiwi berries proceeds to the Farm Aid cause to support family farms like ours across the US.