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outrageously great tasting

 Kiwi Berries delivered

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Kiwi Berry Direct is the only “direct to consumer” shipping service that will deliver the world’s sweetest, most nutritious, organic Kiwi Berries from our award winning Northeast SARE (Sustainable Agriculture Research Education) farm to locations within the Continental US. 

Our Kiwi Berry Direct shipping program is now in its ninth year.

The largest portion of our fruit is sold in the Northeast Mid-Atlantic Region via Brokers and Organic Co-ops. Kiwi Berry Direct was created due to the multitudes of requests we received from folks who did not have regional distribution in their area, or preferred doorstep delivery.

We provide consumers across the Continental US the opportunity to taste our fruit, many for the first time, who have expressed that they become hooked and addicted to our fruit.

Our berries are a once in a season, must try!

Comments from our Kiwi Berry Direct Consumers

"I have never tasted anything so delicious in my life. I must have more.  I can't get enough of them."

"Haven't had any delicious kiwi berries since last summer and our cravings are out of control."

"I first tried kiwiberries when I received them through my CSA and I was hooked.  They are so delicious and I would love to order some."  

"I received my order today and they are delicious, my 5 year old daughter can't stop eating them.  Thank you so much!

"I tried the poppers for the first time and I am HOOKED!"

"I have had the privilege of tasting your Passion Poppers and honestly the sweetness and flavor was unbelievable. Thank you for growing a wonderful organic fruit."

"These are sooooo great!  We've only just discovered them and my 9 yr old and I are hooked!!!"


We guarantee the sweetest, best tasting, nutritious varieties of

 Kiwi Berries that are born, bred, and marketed in America!


Our Passion Poppers and Aloha Annas  ripen and blush in the sun and are hand picked at the peak of maturity which yields berries with higher nutritional values and enhanced flavors.  We harvest and pack our fruit to ripen uniformly, providing you with a consistent product.


Our Kiwi Berries are organically grown so they are safe to eat.  Our fruit is not  sprayed with cancer causing organophosphates or picked too early and ripened with ethylene.


Kiwi Berries are sensational for out-of-hand eating when they turn a darker green and are slightly wrinkled. The berries smooth skin makes them easy to eat anywhere - they're a perfect addition to a lunch box for a nutritious, mid-day energy boost.  Our kiwi are versatile in culinary creations too - we've made sauces for entrees, salad dressings, marinades, desserts, and drinks. 

Our Passion Poppers and Aloha Annas will satisfy anyone with a discriminating palate for the very finest, best-tasting, organic Kiwi Berries.




What you will find in our package...


One (1) order consists of (12) six ounce clamshells of Passion Poppers OR Aloha Annas which should weigh 4.5 pounds. Our clamshells are packed to the brim and are over weight, which means you will be receiving about 5 lbs. of fruit, approximately 1/2 lb. of Kiwi Berries free.

By purchasing through our Kiwi Berry Direct shipping program, we are able to offer our Hi-Brix Kiwi Berries to you for under the suggested retail price.

In 2017, one order of fruit "(12) 6 ounce clamshells" was $58.00,  plus shipping and handling charges equaled a total of $86.13 per order.  Please note that there may be an increase in 2018 - due to a rise in US Postal Service shipping rates.




Our "signature" fruit, unequaled in taste and nutrition, has blended flavors of super sweet kiwi and exotic melon with a cotton candy finish.  These berries have the highest sugar levels (Brix) from 24 to 28, yet a low glycemic index, and medium/low acid.  This variety is only available from us, is the first harvested, and should be available to ship in mid September.



A flavorful combination of kiwi, pineapple, and a slight hint of mint.  These berries reach a sugar level (Brix) up to 22 thanks to our custom trellis system that provides them with lots of sunshine and blush.  This variety is  harvested  after the Passion Poppers and should be available to ship the latter part of Sept.


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