The Excellence of KiwiBerries

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The Pioneering of Genetics and Management


of a new Organic Specialty Crop


Unrivaled in Taste, Nutrition and Born & Bred in America









We are the only Certified Organic Breeder-Grower-Packer-Marketer of fresh fruit Kiwi Berries.  Celebrating 30 Years!


Our Passion Poppers have the highest Brix, soluble solids content(ssc), of any kiwi fruit developed for human consumption.


Kiwi Berry Direct is our on-farm direct-to-consumer shipping program that will deliver Kiwi Berries to your doorstep!














Chef Bill and Karen Scepansky, owners of Smart Partners, have distributed our Passion Poppers to PA Schools for the past 3 years.    Read More


The next generation of Hi-Brix Hybrids created at our farm, additions to the "Passion" series,  have the highest Brix ever recorded. Read More


In partnership with the GrowNYC our Passion Poppers were a part of the specialty produce offered at their Youth Market.  Learn more








The Original and still the Best of Kiwi Berries

Sustainable Through Repeat Consumer Demand